Our Brands

A huge selection of quality foods

Direct Plus Food Group is home to trusted brands that offer quality products your customers can rely on. Our product offering includes traditional European style deli meats, carefully crafted meat snacks, cheese, fresh pasta and sauces, delectable pastries, salads, dips, pizza crusts, tortillas and wraps and naturally fermented foods. Each brand has a story and integrity to offer every one of your customers. 

Grimms Fine Foods

Founded in 1951 by brother’s Henry and Jacob Grimm, Grimm’s Fine Foods has focused on providing families with quality products they can trust. We are proud to offer an extensive line of European style sausages and deli meats, cheese, naturally fermented foods and tortillas. Grimm’s products are carefully crafted with authentic family recipes that have been passed on through generations. We use premium cuts of meat and the finest ingredients, no fillers or by-products are added. Our meat products are 100% gluten free and soy free with no MSG added. Grimm’s Fine Foods was built on a foundation of integrity and family values which we hold true to over 65 years later.

McSweeney's Premium Jerky & Meat Snacks

McSweeney’s is the Canadian brand of meat snacks. Our products are crafted with utmost care and attention by Canadians, right here in this great nation we call home. We use only the finest cuts of beef, turkey and pork and a blend of carefully selected spices. Our 100% gluten free meat snacks are marinated in small batches and naturally smoked over Canadian Maple hardwood in traditional style smokehouses. When you reach for McSweeney’s meat snacks you can be rest assured that you are supporting a company that’s Proudly Canadian.

Saporé Foods

At Saporé, we know that food is something to be celebrated. It brings together friends and family for good times, especially when you can taste the passion of the Mediterranean’s best artisanal butchers in every bite. Our choice of fine cuts, balanced mix of seasonings and traditional curing methods transports you to the old country with every bite. Take time out to savour good food and good times. Passion and artistry in every bite.

Audrey’s Patisserie

Whatever your sweet tooth desires, Audrey’s has a delectable treat that is just for you. Whenever you bite into Audrey’s delightful pastries, cookies or muffins you’ll instantly be transported to that little café you’ve always dreamed about. Our mouth-watering desserts offer a wide range of flavours like fruit fillings of apple, strawberry and blueberry or soft and buttery peanut butter and chocolate. Take more than just a break and savour every moment with Audrey’s.

Duso’s Pasta & Sauce

At Duso’s, we understand how much you care about what’s in the food you buy. As a family-operated company that’s very proud of our high-quality pastas and sauces, we care, too. Our fresh pasta is made from only three ingredients – durum wheat, cage-free eggs and filtered water. Our sauces are made from vine-ripened tomatoes, the finest cheeses and the most flavourful herbs and spices. Our business is rooted in a rich history that took our family from Italy to Canada where, in 1979, we set up our flagship shop at the Iconic Vancouver Island Public Market. While we’ve grown and our products are available in over 500 grocery stores across, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast.

Harvest Meats

Harvest Meats isn’t just about the wide range of delicious meat products that we supply across the country, such as our Thick Sliced Bacon or Double Smoked Farmer’s Sausage. It’s about family and passion. Since 1928, four generations of our family together with our family of employees have worked long and hard to bring Canadian families together over the dinner table. It’s not the only tradition we abide by; we also make sure that all of our products are consistently made with passion and quality in mind using the best ingredients along with time-honoured hardwood smoking methods.

Golden Home

Pizza is perfect for sharing with family and friends, and at Golden Home's, we have something for everyone! Whether you love it classic-style, thin and crispy, or even gluten free, we have the perfect crusts, sauces and pepperoni. Freshness counts for everything, so we use the highest quality ingredients and bake them straight away without freezing. We also make sure that they’re free of MSG, cholesterol, animal fats and trans fats, and offer gluten-free crusts. You bring the party, and we’ll bring the flavor.

Piller’s Fine Foods

It all started in 1957, when a young master butcher, Wilhelm Huber, opened a small shop in Waterloo, Ontario. Using family recipes, and traditional meat processing methods passed down through the generations, he crafted great tasting deli meats inspired by his family’s European heritage. Two years later, his brothers Edward and Heinrich joined the company which became Piller’s Sausages and Delicatessens Limited.
From those humble beginnings, Piller’s has become one of North America’s largest producers of European sausages and deli meats, known for quality products such as Black Forest ham, air-dried salamis and meat snacks. To this day, after five generations of master butchers, Piller’s still uses the same natural aging, curing, and hardwood smoking process that had customers lining up outside Wilhelm Huber’s butcher shop over sixty years ago.

Reser’s Fine Foods

Reser’s continues the tradition of making classic sides, ‘slaws and salads, more than sixty years after Grandma Reser created the perfect potato salad recipe. With big-name brands such as Reser’s Sensational Sides, Reser’s American Classics and Don Pancho Mexican Foods, we bring delicious meals to the family dinner table. Whether you want a quick ‘n’ easy midweek meal, perfect weekend BBQ sides or on-the-go healthy snacks, we can serve you up with something heavenly.

Gio Foods

For more than 40 years, Gio has been all about bringing an authentic taste of Italy to the family dinner table. With gourmet products like our dry-cured Pancetta, premium pork Sopressata, or spicy chorizo made with imported Spanish paprika, it’s easy to enjoy a delightful tapas or craft the centerpiece to any meal. We use only the choicest cuts, traditional spices and the finest ingredients.
You can taste the tradition in every bite!

Greek House

Starting life as a two-man operation out of the famed Greek House restaurant in beautiful British Columbia, Greek House Market is now a top supplier of traditional Greek delicacies. Our white or whole wheat Pita is perfect when paired with our famed Humous or Tzatziki, and you can enjoy our delicate blend of salt, pepper, garlic and lemon when you sample our Roasted Greek Potatoes. Our authentic Greek snacks are available across BC!

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